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The following headstone surveys were performed by me. For the most part, the individuals named within were either known to be connected to, or had names or surnames believed to be associated with, my personal research.

Prince Edward Island:

Complete transcripts for the following PEI cemeteries are available for sale through the Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society.

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The following files are extracts only and do not contain all of the information found in the original census documents. Also, I have only extracted data on families that are connected to, or believed to be connected to, my own research. Please refer to the original records for further information on these and other families listed in each particular census.

Please note that the Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society has completed transcripts of all extant PEI census records for the years 1881, 1891, and 1901. These are available for purchase, by Lot, in printed and electronic (dBase) formats. Also, the Prince Edward Island Archives have online indices for the 1841, 1881, 1891, and 1901 PEI census enumerations. These are wonderful finding aids. For the 1841 census only, the online version contains complete transcripts of the extant records.

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