"The Brick Walls"

Welcome to my personal website. For the most part, it is dedicated to my research into my Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Acadian roots and heritage. There are also sections on my Photography, Poetry, and Genealogical Publications.

I hope you will enjoy browsing through the site. I also hope you will find some of the information it contains to be of interest and, perhaps, of use in your own genealogical research.

About the Site

The purpose behind this website, the types and quantities of files that are found here, as well as a little bit of personal background, are explained in greater detail in the various About pages listed below. I strongly encourage visitors to read the first two before perusing the various files in the Genealogy section. Doing so will give you a better understanding of my research, this site, and what it all entails.

  • About Me - To learn a little about my background in genealogy.
  • About This Site - To explain the contents of this site.
  • Site Development - To discuss my interest in website design and how it may affect this site.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this site or my research. Please note that I Do Not respond to unsigned emails - they are deleted immediately. If you are not willing to tell me who you are, then I am not willing to take the time to respond. The Contact page has a link to my reasons for this.

The Title

Why The Brick Walls? In its original incarnation, the name of the site was actually Climbing the Brick Walls. I offered the following explanation on the title:

Why Climbing the Brick Walls instead of "Tearing Down...", "Removing...", or something else along those lines? After all, genealogists want to rid themselves of the obstacles that can stop a line of research dead in its tracks. In my opinion, the brick walls we encounter can't always be removed, at least not entirely.

However, we may be able to circumvent these barriers by exploring new or different research avenues. Or, we may be able to chip away at them enough so that we can proceed along despite the fact that not everything has been totally resolved. It's much like walking through the woods only to discover our path has been blocked by a large, fallen tree. Rarely can we just remove the tree from the path. But, the route is not always impassable, and we are not always forced to turn around. We can walk around the tree or, with a little help, we can simply climb over it and then continue down the road. The tree remains, and part of the path is still obscured, but we are able to move on nonetheless. For genealogists, we don't always tear down the brick walls, but we may remove enough blocks to enable us to grab a handhold at the top, climb over, and continue down the research path.

In the site's present incarnation the above still holds true for the genealogy portions. However, the title also has implications for life in general. After all, it is not just the frustrations of research that cause us to bang our heads against the proverbial "Brick Wall."

Thanks for visiting my site. I wish you the best of luck in your own research!


Dan MacDonald