Requisite Preamble...

I have thought many times since that if poets when they get discouraged would blow their brains out, they could write very much better when they got well.
- Mark Twain Speech, 1907

On the Poetry

I began writing poetry in April 2004 after a friend mentioned she was taking a creative writing course and emailed some samples of her work. My first poem was composed a couple of days later.

I am not a prolific writer. I write only when inspired and only about subjects that have some intrinsic meaning to me. Topics vary, from emotions to family, from genealogy to politics. Many of the early poems deal with the conflicting emotions and self-reflection experienced during my divorce.

My style varies. I prefer to write according to established formats or slight variations thereof (but do not adhere to any one in particular). I find there is an added challenge in not only composing a poem but also moulding it to a strict rhyming scheme, meter, and stanza structure. I am not a fan of modern freehand verse, although a few of my poems fit that genre. Others may look upon this with some disdain: a failure on my part to conform to modern poetic convention. I make no apologies for this - conformity stifles both style and expression. We must each follow our own path. Besides, with genealogy playing such an important role in my life, it seems only natural that I fall back on the styles contemporary to the ancestors I strive so hard to understand.

I will not explain my poems - you can find your own meaning in them, even if it differs from what I intended. Poetry is very personal, very subjective. We are drawn to words, phrases and details that somehow describe or reflect our own life experiences. Because no two people have shared the same experiences, because we are so different in our attitudes, perceptions and outlook, each poem will invoke slightly different reactions in each reader. By discussing my interpretation of the poems I feel I will simply cloud your perceptions of them with my own.

I humbly request that you do not copy or re-publish these poems (or any accompanying photos or graphics) without my express written permission. Although I gladly share them with you here, I will jealously and zealously guard both copyright and control of my written works. Thank you for your understanding.

On the Photo

The photo along the top of this website is cropped from one of my own black and white prints. The image, taken one rather foggy morning in 1997, is of a marsh located near Cape Enrage, in Albert County, New Brunswick. There is poetry in it, too...

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