Royal Gazette, and Miscellany of the Island of Saint John
July 1791 - June 1794

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17 December 1791 - Vol. 1, No. 12

A young man, by the name of Alexander Corbett, left this town, about ten days ago to return to Lieutenant John Macdonald's up the West River, where his wife resides, and as he has not since reached that place, it is much to be apprehended he is lost. - He had been absent many days without occasioning any uneasiness to his friends, the cause of his absence not being suspected. But at length, his wife growing unhappy at his staying so much longer than he had intended, came to town in quest of him, where, alas! she ws only able to learn what would infinitely heighten her anxiety, that he had been put across the North river in the evening of the same day he left town; and the distance from thence to the place of his destination being only five miles through the woods, leaves but little room to entertain hope of his safety. With this distressing information, the poor woman returned home, inconsolable for her loss, which was now too evident, near ten days having elapsed since her husband was last seen. The neighbours, being made acquainted with this lamentable circumstance, with a humanity every way praiseworthy, left their domestic business, and proceeded into the woods in every direction in search of him, using their utmost exertions, but without being able to discover any the least traces of him. There can scarcely remain a doubt of his having either fallen a prey to the bears, or perished in the woods; the former of which, however, is the most probable, the weather having been so mild as to induce a belief that he would have been able to have reached his home ere this if he had only lost his way through the darkness of the night.

[Note: Further information regarding the loss of Mr. Corbett can be found in the issue dated 24 March 1792 - DLM]

Births: Mrs. Rea, of a son.

Deaths: Mr. Dugald McCallum, of Cove Head. - Mrs. Catherine McCallum, of the same place. - Miss Betsy Penman, of Tryon.